How do we do what we do? Contrary to popular belief, creativity does not simply happen. It takes a great deal of hard work. There's no secret formula for hitting the mark every time, but we do rely on some tried and true methods. Here's how we work:

Client Input - First of all, we listen to you. Oh sure, we may ask questions, but mostly we listen. No one knows more about your business than you, and we're anxious to learn. It is probably the most important aspect of our job.

Research & Discovery - We dive into your business head first-learning all we can about your business, your competitors' business, and your target audience. As we research and investigate, we uncover strategic solutions and make creative discoveries.

Creative Brief - Based on your input and our research, we develop a creative brief that becomes the road map to success. This is where we identify the challenges, the objectives, the audience, the core proposition, the substantiation for the proposition, and the elements that should be included.

Concepts - Our ideas for the marketing materials are, in large part, the result of all the work invested up front. But if there is magic in what we do, it happens here. Call it creative talent or pure luck or perhaps both. We are committed to doing whatever it takes to create the work we all agree will be most effective.

Designs & Layouts - This is where concepts take shape and ideas come together in detailed comps. Working with our best ideas, we explore a multitude of design possibilities and select the best imagery, headlines, colors, and shapes to communicate your message. We usually present three different directions with detailed comps, unless there are more ideas we like so much, we simply cannot leave them be.

Execute - After you wholeheartedly agree to a direction, we produce the finished work. Client reviews and input are the order of the day. Whether it's the final digital production of an ad or the final touches of a complete website, the work is executed with meticulous attention to detail.

Implement - Your finished work is only effective when it actually reaches your customers. So whether we are placing media, launching a website, or just arranging shipment, everything is planned out in advance. We make certain each project is executed without a hitch. And let this not sound trite, but we truly are not completely satisfied with our work until our clients are completely satisfied.