White Paper: Lower Your Labeling Operating Costs

Automatic Pressure Sensitive Labeling's Flexibility Lowers Operating Costs and Increases Productivity

Although 46 percent of North American Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies are using pressure sensitive labels, many of them are applying the labels inefficiently and missing the opportunity to lower their operating costs and increase productivity.

Because of inherent flexibility, pressure sensitive labels continue to be the decoration of choice by companies over sleeve, in mold or glue labels. However, when labels are applied manually or semi-automatically instead of with an automatic labeling system, the potential to lower operating costs and increase productivity is lost. Automatic pressure sensitive labeling systems provide CPG companies with the flexibility to increase throughput, streamline product changeovers, meet application-specific challenges, and customize labeling solutions.


Download this white paper to learn about:

• Increasing throughput
A variety of labeling machinery options
Streamling changeovers
Label application-specific challenges