Pau Maui

Handcrafted in Maui for Vodka Connoisseurs

It was important from the beginning that an ultra-premium vodka distilled from Maui pineapples in Maui be given an equally ultra-premium brand image that was authentically Hawaiian. Pau Maui’s distinctive bottle and box are works of art reminiscent of the pineapple itself while the striking color, patterns and imagery are true to it’s Maui heritage. “We’ll let the other vodkas set sales records.” said Neil LeVecke, President, Pau Maui Trading Co. “Our goal is to be recognized as the ultimate vodka for connoisseurs and the finest in the world.” So far it’s working. This handcrafted, limited-release vodka is already making a name for itself among vodka enthusiasts.


“Gold Coast’s creative work has been outstanding and exceeded our highest expectations.”

Neil LeVecke
Pau Maui Trading Co.

pau-bottle.pngPau Maui Bottle with Packaging

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