Mount Baker Ski Area

An Extreme Mountain Requires Extreme Tickets

Heavy snowfall and cold, wet conditions demand the most durable ticket solutions. In the past, Mt. Baker has had extensive problems in this area – everything from inks that rub off when wet to trouble working in the printers at the ticket window. As a first time supplier, Gold Coast’s challenge was to re-engineer a ticket that would not only hold up under the most extreme conditions but work flawlessly with their thermal printers. Our Quality Team tested numerous inks, coatings and adhesives before finding the perfect solution. The result was a ticket that not only looked great but performed without fail. The operators at Mt. Baker couldn’t have been more pleased.


“Thanks again for delivering a fantastic product accompanied by amazing customer service!”

Laura Bruhns
Mt. Baker Ski Area


Lift tickets printed with new inks, coatings and adhesives to withstand the most extreme mountain conditions and visitor abuse, still look great and work flawlessly with operations thermal printers.

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