Green Solutions

Begin to envision a company where it produces its products responsibly. A company who recognizes that our resources are limited. A company that invests in the future, by taking steps in the present to protect our environment.

Gold Coast Graphics has a deep respect for and commitment to protecting and improving the environment. We work to reduce our environmental footprint while delivering exceptional results. We also offer practical solutions to our clients to help them reduce their environmental impact. Throughout our company, we develop and implement long-term environmental stewardship programs and policies within the areas of:

Building Operations

Building operations are a large consumer of natural resources and a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. We partner with our suppliers and clients to improve operational efficiency and explore new technologies that aspire to achieve organic converting. In our own operations, we use skylights during daylight hours and have restructured our shift schedules where possible to minimize our energy footprint.



Supply Chain

We consider the environmental impact of our purchasing practices every day. We seek to purchase and use environmentally preferable products and services. We partner with suppliers, customers, and environmental experts to understand the impact of available products and services on the environment and communities and to identify better alternatives.


We rely on a service fleet, as well as other transportation sources, to deliver our products. We recognize that reducing fuel use and emissions will have a substantial impact on the environment. Our executive and sales managers use fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles to reduce our dependency on foreign oil.

Waste Management

We are committed to responsibly manage emissions and waste to sustain and restore our natural resources and the communities in which we serve. The responsible management of our environmental footprint includes the institution of policies and practices that promote waste reduction, reuse, and recycling in every practical aspect of our operations