Concept provides new brand direction.

Aroma Naturals usually gets its packaging design through the creative department of parent company, Yankee Candle. However, when Yankee was unable to contribute efforts towards a new spring line of product, Aroma Naturals turned to it’s label supplier for inspiration. The challenge for Gold Coast was to come up with a creative direction that could translate into additional seasonal products without losing its look and appeal. The solution was surprisingly simple, yet beautiful in its execution. Vibrant color and the unmistakable shapes of spring time make this packaging as unique as it is inviting. The spring artwork spawned a matching line. With any luck, winter and summer versions will soon follow.


“Gold Coast did a fantastic job. The spring design has become so popular we have plans for other seasonal products as well.”

Robert Sanchez
General Manager
Aroma Naturals


Final artwork for the Spring and Fall packaging for Aroma Naturals.

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